Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Change is in the Air

Well, if you've read The 12th Man Blog, you know I'm no longer a high school football coach anymore.  Looks as though now I'll have more time to write about this game I love so much.  I do want to discuss a few changes before I get started posting again.  First off, Football is Life is really going to be my technical site.  Here, I'll discuss the X's and O's or the "How To's" of the game of football.  Most of my links will also refer to technical sites as well.

The 12th Man Blog is more of my opinionated site.  This site is also a bit more raw, fan fared (Go Gators!), and well, my view on how things should be done.  Basically, Football is Life is the classroom and The 12th Man Blog is the bar!  It is a place where I'll cut loose (just ask Will Muschamp and Jeremey Foley!) and be more opinionated than I am on the Football Is Life site.  That way, you the reader, don't have to wade through any b.s. if you're trying to find something.

One thing I'm going to add to the Football Is Life site is a mail call segment.  I get a lot of email regarding certain topics, and sometimes it takes me awhile to get these answered.  I should be a bit more efficient now that I'm not manning the weight room, or game planning.  Since many of us learn from the questions of others, I'll post these on the blog to share with folks.  If you have a question, simply email footballislifeblog@yahoo.com and ask away!  If you DO NOT want your topic shared, by all means, state so in the email.  I just figured this would be an easy way to share ideas and learn even more about the topics I write about.

Now, since all the flexbone posts are out there, I'm going to switch gears and discuss some defense!  I'm going to focus on the 4-3 in some of my first posts, but if you've got something you want to talk about, shoot me an email and we can chat.  I've got some extensive research planned for this summer, as well as my off-season clinic notes I've yet to digest.  Plan on tons of defense coming your way!