Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Just a tidbit on some things I 'm reading and other happenings out there on the Internet.  Sorry for the lack of postings, but the book comes first, and the blog is suffering.  Please bear with me as I do have some good posts in the works.

Brophy's been beating the band over at Cripes! Get Back to Fundamentals blog.  The latest post on how to download and cut up the NFL's "All-22" films, is, pardon my French...BAD ASS.  Great job big dawg!  Other good ones here lately have been some stuff on Bo Pelini (one of my favorite Over/Under guys), as well as Brophy's 1 high Nickle stuff (which plays in to some of my older posts on defending the spread with a one-high look).

Coach Hoover's been working his tail off too, with some good articles on ball security, using the 8-2-1 kickoff return to limit concussions and injuries (for more 8-2-1 stuff go here), and Urban Meyer's passing concept known as Bullets.  As usual, Hoover's posts are clean, clear and full of some awesome information.

The next blog, is Smart Football.  To be honest, if you aren't checking Smart Football daily, what the hell are you doing then???  Really guys, take the time out to read this blog...DAILY, the popular author of The Essential Smart Football, Chris Brown, has one of the best football blogs around.  The blog is filled with not only football X's and O's, but also philosophy, practice organization information, and even the occasional business and life posts.  What more could you want all in one blog?

Spread Football is a cool blog with several nice tidbits for the spread happy coach.  Some of my favorites have been the post on double slants (always a favorite of mine), the post on option from pistol sets and especially the post on Alabama's smash concept.  A very well thought out and clean blog, so what are you waiting for?  Go check out Spread Football!!!

A couple of new sites I haven't had a chance to read all the posts on are Coach Vint's site and Coach Mac's Play Fast Football.  The few posts I have read, have been flat awesome!  Coach Vint's post on building a championship culture are second to none.  These are two new blogs I'm checking out, and from what I've seen, they will be added to the reading list...shortly.

So many  blogs...so little time!

Again, sorry about the delay in posts, maybe this will wet your whistle for a while until I can get finished with the book.  Things are looking good though and coming right along with it, but when you are a perfectionist it probably takes a bit longer than it really should.  Anyhow, please be patient with me!