Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Those Looking For Some TGOG Video and Technique

Here is some video that may help explain things a bit better.  Though some of the techniques are a bit different than the method I describe in my posts, the theory is basically the same.

Some confusion that's been going on is alignment and assignment.  First off, the rules are clear and concise.  When the defense aligns, regardless of the front, the DL know their assignment based on the status of their inside gap.  If their inside gap is open, then they are a two gapper.  If the inside gap is occupied, then they are a one gapper.

Some other questions have been on whether or not the one gapper will still spill.  My answer has been, yes if he can, if not, no big deal, he did his job by getting off the ball and getting up field.  He should be aligned wide enough to see this, but it's not imperative that he spill, in my opinion.  The run fits work with or without him spilling.

I've had coaches ask me about the various fronts you can run this technique out of, to which my answer has been "I do not know" because all I've ever run it out of is an even front.  Some coaches are suggesting running a two gap nose and have the DT's or DE's in an outside shade and let them two gap.  Look, the idea here is simple, use the technique and the rules, and apply them accordingly.

Another thing I got from my friend who runs this technique is he has switched to using this technique against one back teams only now.  Against two and three back teams he has moved to a traditional way of playing blocks and utilizes a one-back adjustment to the base technique which is TGOG.  When I ran it (by sheer accident) I used it as a call, so really, the sky's the limit when it comes to how you want to package this with your defense.

I really don't know any other way to explain the technique other than what I have.  Hopefully the videos can give me a bit of credibility on the basis of the technique, since some of my peers feel that if it isn't run on Saturdays or Sundays then the technique isn't worth squat!  Anyhow, just thought I'd take a break from writing this book to drop a blurb on TGOG to set things straight.