Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Smart Football Store and Other Links

Want some links?

Just saw this today, but you've got to check out Smart Football's store!  A little (ok, maybe a LOT) Air Raid biased, but some cool stuff nonetheless.  Just in time for the holidays folks, so get your Smart Football gear and as always continue to read Smart Football's blog.

Kick Ass!

Brophy has been lighting up the postings here lately with several awesome tidbits of information, from coaching the under front to Bill Walsh's practice schemes and philosophy, all of these can be found at Cripes Get Back to Fundamentals.  As always Brophy, top notch stuff.

I was checking out Spread Football today and came across their new message board.  Seems like it will be a good one!  Check out the No Huddle Spread message board today!

If you're not into no huddle spread, and are maybe a more "3 back attacker" well, I've got another message board I recently joined that might be the right fit for you.  Coach Calande has his message board dedicated to the "dreaded double wing" and the 46 Gambler defense that has some good discussion topics on it.  Check out his site, and let me know what you think!

Ahh, the Gambler...

Coach Hoover continually churns out great posts.  His latest on making highlight videos and how Georgia lost the SEC Championship are nothing short of stellar posts.  He's also got some great links over there, and good "how to" videos in terms of technique of coaching various positions.  I once ate ribs with this guy, and all I can say is, he writes much cleaner than he eats (wink-gotcha buddy)!!!!

As always, go check out my alter ego at The 12th Man Blog.  Here I get away from X's and O's and Jimmies and Joe's, and pretty much lay it on the line how I feel.  Don't really care whether it's right, wrong, or even politically correct.  So grab a beer, or your favorite "toddy" and come on over to The 12th Man....it'll be fun!

These are just some tidbits I wanted to throw out there, since it is the season of giving.  Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Dont' have too much fun this holiday season!