Monday, August 27, 2012

Overwhelmed at the Moment

I figured I better post this before I have a mutiny on my hands, so here goes.  Gonna have to put the blog on hold at least for the football season.  I've picked up some new duties as the interim head coach of the team I was the assistant head coach for.  The head coach is down sick and can only do so much, so I've had to shoulder a much larger percentage of the duties this season.  I hope you understand.  I'm also trying to get my book completed, so time is of the essence and writing along with being a head coach has taxed me to my limit.  Anyhow, please don't throw rocks, I'll be back to posting here soon, just let me get my ducks in a row at the moment!

Some other great sites to check out while I'm away are:
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Brophy's Blog
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Coach Iannucci's blog
Tony DeMeo
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Anyhow, good luck on your seasons, we start next week! 

Let's go!