Monday, March 12, 2012

On Vacation...

Been on vacation, still struggling to get back in the groove of things, so bear with me on future blog posts.  Hopefully I can get my typing fingers back!  So in order to wet your whistle I'm going to give you some good links to check out.

Over at Smart Football there is a very good article on Combining the Shovel Option With a Sprintout Pass.  Good read on an age old concept made recently famous by our in-house favorites the Florida Gators!

Gridnotes is a great collection of articles, so much so you probably couldn't read them all in a day.  Please check these guys out as they have a great collection of a myriad of articles in all three facets of the game.  Keep up the good work over at Gridnotes, we all sure enjoy what ya'll are doing!

Coach Hoover has a good post on the Bench Wren blitz over at his site.  As usual Hoov's attention to detail is second to none!

Anyhow, don't expect too much too soon, the weather is great, and I may be temporarily detained on making any new posts for a while, however I do get bored easily...