Thursday, November 17, 2011

Single Wing Forum and New Links

Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new Single Wing Forum that has opened up here recently, by Coach Tut.  It's Pro Board based so it seems much friendlier than some of the other forums out there.  Go to the site, check it out and start sharing some of you Single Wing knowledge (I need it!). 

In other news and links:

Coach Hoover's site has got some great running back drills.  This link takes you to them all.  If you are a running back's coach, I highly recommend checking out Coach Hoover's site and utilizing the drills he has out there.  Good stuff coach!

Compete in all things has two really good posts on the 3-4 defense.  The first one is one on a very good safety blitz from the 3-4 called Sabre.  This blitz can be run from anywhere on the field, and really puts the offense in a bind.  Secondly, the post of defensive line play in the 3-4 is brief, but descriptive.  It's hard enough to find information on the 3-4, and even harder yet to find information on defensive line play in that defense.  Take a look at Coach Mariner's site, it's loaded with information!

Brophy is at it again with gun running.  His posts on the subject have been very informative for those that are shotgun guys and looking to improve their run game.  As usual Brophy follows up his postings with some of the best video on any football blog I've seen. 

Coach Ianucci has got some very informative posts on the Rocket play from the flexbone.  The three back blog talks about how coach set up his blocking scheme for Rocket  and how it differs from what we see every Saturday from Navy and Georgia Tech.  If you are a flexbone guy, this site is a must add to your favorites!

Well, that's what I've been reading, hit me up in the comments section and share any other football blogs you read.  Those of you in the playoffs, congratulations, now's the time to make it count.  Don't waste a minute of it, and enjoy it while you're there!