Thursday, October 20, 2011


Now that the Huey site is down, I'm having withdrawals!  It's amazing how much I check that board, but then again, it's amazing how much I love to talk football.  It's amazing how much sites like that have changed football is just the last five years.  Where would we be without those sites?  Kinda hard to imagine isn't it?

So, enough with my little rant, been doing some research here recently and came across some good sites, thought I'd share them with you guys.  The first is Runcodhit football.  This site is not new, and is one I've mentioned on here numerous times.  However, he's back up and running and has a great post on defending trips formations while disguising your coverage.

Gridnotes is a site I check often, and to be honest it's how I found a lot of the blogs and sites I share on here.  This is a listing of all new blog posts, and they do a very good job of it.  Check them out, as they've been up and running here for several months and they are just splitting at the seams with a wealth of football information.

Since starting to coach youth football again, I've leaned towards those sites, and one I've found to be very handy is Dumcoach.  Doesn't sound like much of a name, but it's a very good site, similar to the Huey site.  If you are a youth coach, tired of rubbing elbows with high school and college or semi-pro coaches, then go to Dumcoach, you won't be disappointed.

Footballcoach360 is a site I got from Gridnotes, and is a very interesting site.  What I really like is the amount of video on this site, as I am very much a visual learner.  This site has excellent drills broken down by position to aid you in finding drills to help train your players.  Check them out, and thanks to Gridnotes for posting.

Another good site, also provided to me by Gridnotes, is Full Throttle Coaching Solutions.  This site is very similar to Footballcoach360 and has tons of instructional video to go along with some very good "how" and "why" posts on scheme and philosophy. 

In my single wing research I have come across some good sites as well.  The first is Direct Snap Football.  This all informative blog on the "oldie but goodie" single wing and direct snap offenses has been very informative.  The other one, is a site similar to the Huey board and that is the Delphi Single Wing Forum.  For those of you who do not know much about the offense and would like to know more, these two sites are great places to start.  I will say, I don't care for the Delphi site's setup as it does not appear user friendly and has a page full of ads, but the advice and coaching knowledge on the single wing and direct snap offenses presented there is second to none.

Hopefully the Huey site will be up and running soon, I'm really beginning to go out of my mind not being able to check in there!  Good luck, we have two more games, and it's the off-season for me!!!!