Thursday, October 13, 2011

Single Wingin'

Always looking for info. on new stuff.  One thing I've never been around much is single wing football.  As a matter of fact, I've never defended a single wing offense!  I've seen some film on it, but not much.  So I've been digging around trying to find information on the offense, and I tell you, it's like some kind of cult or something.  I guess I don't have the secret decoder ring you're supposed to have to be able to get information on this offense.  So as usual, I'll try begging.  If anyone out there has some single wing information they'd like to share, then hit me up, maybe we can trade or something.  When it comes to offenses I like rare and different, so I really like the single wing!

I've been watching some Apopka, FL film, and they are flat amazing.  I've also been watching some youth films on the offense, and it really intrigues me.  This seems like it would be a tough offense to stop, and yet very few people utilize it.  I know the Urban Meyer's and the Gus Malzahn's of the world have worked single wing stuff into the modern spread offense (good luck finding anything on that), however you rarely see the old formations such as the A formation, short punt, the Notre Dame Box, or the Beast formation.  Like I said, I've got stuff to trade if you're interested, but I'd really like to join this "cult" and would like to know how to get my secret decoder ring!

Season is almost wrapping up, how's everyone's been going?  We had a rocky start but are getting much better week after week.  Hang in there, and for those working the grind toward that district championship, keep up the hard work!