Monday, August 1, 2011

Paid to Play? Why This Concept Will Ruin College Football

It's all about the Benjamin's baby...

I recently read an article on this topic at Smart Football (which is a great site, even though I'm completely dissing the idea behind one of the posts over there) and it got me to thinking, where are our morals?  Deep question, I know, remember I have LARGE amounts of free time on my hands here lately, so I do a lot of thinking...probably too much.  Anyhow, I don't see how advocates of a revenue sharing plan for College Football don't see the down side to their ways.  So I wanted to share the other side of the coin, the moral one.  I know this is a touchy subject and I will probably be blasted in the comments section, but you know what...I don't care!  This is my opinion on why College Football players should not be paid to play the game of football.

What really got me burned about this idea was the similarity that the topic has with government spending.  I know, I'm crazy right?!  Anyhow, as most know, I don't teach, I own my own business and part of what I do is site development.  Where I live, there has been a recent influx of public housing.  Being conservative, I'd rather have a hole drilled in my head than do anything with public housing.  However, we all gotta eat right?  Right!  I recently had a conversation with the head investor of one of these projects, and his attitude about public money, blew me away.  He was bitching about the fact that in Florida, Governor Rick Scott is making Welfare recipients comply with random drug tests to comply for the social service.  He was also griping about the Arizona Immigration Laws and how laws like these were taking money out of his pocket because it made it more difficult to find tenants for his low-income housing.  To move ahead in my story, the last comment he left me with was "If the government's willing to give this money away, I might as well get my share."  Where is the morality in this country anymore?  This is what ties in to what I'm trying to get across to you about the paying of amateur athletes in collegiate sports.  This idea that because the universities make so much money on the sports, that the athlete must be entitled to some of it, is ridiculous, and frankly it disgusts me.  Now let me elaborate.

Not one single college athlete has EVER been forced to participate in their sport.  NONE!  I would be willing to bet that all of them knew going in to collegiate athletics meant they were amateur athletes.  However, they DID know that they were getting their education paid for, by the institution they played for as a return for their services so to speak.  One of the most invaluable items we have in this country is a college education, yet we now have college athletes who want a bigger piece of the pie, with the attitude like the investor in the above conversation.  Why is this?  The answer, is easy, as it is one of the seven deadly sins....ENVY.  College athletes envy the money the universities they play for generate.  This is the same premise that liberals claim large corporations are greedy, and that they should give some of their money to the less fortunate.  This idea that it is somehow a crime in this country to make a profit AND KEEP IT has become what many call "greed".  Frankly, it's bullshit.  The institutions have provided a place for this athlete to not only perform, but to get better, as most have state-of-the-art training facilities to go along with some of the top facilities in the nation.  The other item, so often overlooked in this discussion, is the fact that these same "greedy" institutions provide these athletes with some of the land's top facilities in which to get something to which a monetary value need not be applied, and that's a college education.

Envy leads to Wrath

The liberal idea that profit is bad or evil rings ever so true in this argument.  However, look around you, this argument as killed this country we call America.  Between unions, and social programs, the ideas that this country was founded upon, have eroded and drifted away in the breeze.  The car you paid $35,000 for, probably only has around $15,000 in materials in it.  The auto worker's unions have pirated and pillaged the coffers of the auto companies to the point they nearly closed these companies down.  Look in your local newspaper and read every day, some where in this country, some social program is closing, or cutting it's numbers, or government employees are being laid off etc.  The reason, the socialist system does not work is eventually the payer runs out of money due to the greed of the payee.  How is paying college athletes any different?  There are a lot of similarities to the two ideas, think about them.

Bail em' out boys!

Then there is the overall attitude of the game.  Watch a college game on Saturdays and study the players and the coaches.  Then watch it on Sunday and do the same thing.  They are NOT the same.  The players on Saturday, play with a passion and aggression that is unparalleled in Pro Football.  This is even more evident in the argument between College Basketball and Pro Basketball.  At least in the collegiate game, they play defense.  Pro Basketball is nothing more than "Look at me, I get millions to play street ball".  I can't stand professional sports, because at the end of the day, the athlete gets paid, so winning and performing at the best of one's ability takes a backseat to Bentley's and Benjamin's.  I would advocate a performance based payment system for professional athletes, if I had my way (In Dueceland) where like most of us, if we don't do our job, we don't get paid.  So that defensive tackle who got blown out of the B gap on the goal line for a touchdown, doesn't get paid for his screw up.  I think you'd see the face of the game change a bit.  I know, I'm sick, I need help, and the game will only be played this way in Dueceland, but hey, that's what dreams are for.

Wonder how he did today?

In summary, if you pay college athletes, you destroy the game.  I do think there could be a happy medium here, but in all likeliness, it won't be anywhere near this.  I wonder if we will have college lockouts if they institute a "pay to play" system?  I think the advancement of the game, should be left on the field and in the coach's office, not in the pocket book of the players.  Remember, nobody made them sign that scholarship....

I don't normally have posts like this, but something sorta snapped this morning when reading Smart Football's article after reading what a joke of a deal our lawmakers struck over the weekend on the nation's debt.  That with the mounting fact that Washington D.C. could float into the Atlantic and I wouldn't give a shit, got me to typing.  I will try to stay away from posts like these in the future, and I kinda feel like Jerry McGuire when he wrote his mission statement.  Hopefully I don't run off too many people by writing an opinion post.

In other news, Smart Football has a great post about a man few understand.  Mike Leach's book, Swing Your Sword has created waves among coaches and there is a great article about it that can be found here.  Good article on what appears to be something I'm adding to my birthday wish list!  Leach was and is a great innovator of the game, I have heard nothing but good reviews about this book and look forward to reading it.

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Coach Hoover's latest post is one of the best blog reads I've had in a while.  It is a very in-depth article on something known as the Peter Principle.  After reading this, I can finally rank myself in the victim column of just such a principle.  Now I know why I can't stand stupid people!  Anyhow, a great read by a great mind in football, good job Coach Hoover.

Over at The 3 Back Option Football Spot is a great link to Coach Iannuci's quarterback manual.  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I bought this manual, and I can tell you READ IT!  I only thought I understood the option quarterback.  This manual will aid you in not only teaching your option quarterback, but developing him to be the "dealer" on the field you need him to be.  Please check out Coach Iannuci's blog, if you are triple option guy like me, you'll LOVE IT.

In other words...when Moby Dick was a minnow!

If you haven't checked out Gridnotes, you are missing out.  With so many bloggers out there, information can become hard to find.  Check out Gridnotes and get a summarized view of each article along with links to the full article, as well as categorized links to aid in finding just the right tidbit of information you are looking for.  It's in my favorites, what are you waiting for???

Lastly, Coach Hoover had a link to Becoming a Man for All Seasons, which is yet another very informative blog I think you should read.  Very good reads on a wide variety of topic, from the technical to the theoretical and even motivational. 

Still waiting to hear if I'm going to be a DC for a local junior high or not.  Don't know how to feel about it, as once again I'm helping a friend and that didn't get me too far the first time.  Anyhow, I guess it's coaching though right.  Season is upon us, free agency is maddening and we are going to have an NFL season after all.  Hang in there boys, football's right around the corner!

I'm ready for football dammit!!!!