Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CBTN take on Paul Johnson as a Recruiter and other news...

Hadn't been to Coaches by the Numbers (CBTN) in a while, so decided to stop by and do some catching up.  Came across a very good article about one of my favorite coaches, Paul Johnson.  Johnson has had some early success at Georgia Tech (GT), but has fallen on tough times here lately.  Many rumblings can be heard in Atlanta, GA, but I think these are premature, and those doing the rumbling should read this article (found here).

Enough Already!

There's also some good reading to be found in their blog section (located here).  I think CBTN site is a very interesting site for those interested in cutting through all the bullshit and want to get down to brass tax.  Good job CBTN!

Hit'em Hard has some good reading on the 3-5.  I almost went the route of the 3-5 many years ago and the defense still intrigues me to this day.  Go here to get some more good information, from a very informative site.

Student of the Game has a very good article on attacking 8 man fronts with the flexbone.  Very good read and a very good site, check out the article here.

Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July, I know I did!  Enjoyed hanging with family and friends, and of course partaking in the usual brew or two.  Happy Birthday America!

So what's on the agenda?  Well, I'm looking at some Flexbone stuff, still waiting to hear on my job offer (which has me concerned, but I could still use the time off), dabbling in the 46 Nickel and writing about UF's Nickel Tracer blitz that helped them to the 2006 National Championship.  I also really want to wrap my head around this 3-4 stuff, but can't seem to find very much in the way of reliable information.  Most is collegiate, and very complicated to say the least.  If you have a high school version of the 3-4, hit me up, I'm wanting to learn more!

For those pounding the weight rooms, your payday is coming.  Less than a month away for some.  Keep pushing the players, now's not the time to let up!

No rest for the weary...