Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Website and Latest Musings

Got invited to join this site, and with only a few minutes of time to look over it, I LIKE IT!!!  If you are in to statistical analysis, then check out Coaches By the Numbers.  Please check it out, register and open up a whole world of data at your fingertips.

Brophy's rant (which can be read here) on the NFL draft could not have hit any closer to home for me.  I cannot believe just how WRONG the so-called "experts" were on a majority of these pics.  Since 1999 I've watched draft day coverage with the sound muted on my T.V.  I'm not for rants usually, but in Brophy's case, this one was well warranted!

Coach Iannucci's got an excellent post on creating and eliminating indecision in the triple option quarterback's mind (go here to read more, and visit his blog, the 3 Back Option Football Spot for great readings on triple option football).  I read the article and found that in my early years as a quarterback's coach, I did more to put indecision my quarterback's heads than the opposing defense!  Ouch!  A great article on how we, as coaches, can sometimes "over-coach" our players.

Coach Hoover does an excellent job (once again) describing the Follow Pivot passing concept.  Check it out here to read more.

Lastly, the Option Football Society is a great place to discuss ideas (for FREE...hint...hint) on option football.  The site is new and still in its infancy, but it already has a wealth of knowledge that's sure to grow.  Check it out and become a member, it doesn't cost a dime to share some good information on the best kind of football there is...OPTION FOOTBALL (man, I should have drank less caffeine).

Hope all is going well with spring ball, this retirement stuff is growing on me though...

Later Gatorz,