Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coaches by the Numbers take on Ron Zook

"I'm not sure how I got this rich...but I look good doing it...right?
This is the BEST analysis of a truly terrible coach (go here to read it)!  I totally think the read is worth it, and the numbers don't lie.  I'm very much like the author though, how has this guy been able to earn the money he has in the time he's been a head coach.  For you Florida fans, Zook was not the instigator of the "dark years" (as many Gator fans call it), yet it was good ol' non-Spurrier re-hiring Athletic Director Jeremy Foley.  Foley is the one who thought Zook was such a "great hire", when he was basically unproven, and had been demoted and then fired under then head coach Steve Spurrier.  Anyhow, enough of my Ron Zook/Jeremey Foley rant, for more, check out Coaches by the Numbers, this has been a very insightful website.

This guy got things done!

Other News
I have had a lot of emails about the 4-2-5 and blue coverage and so forth, some being very specific.  The topic that stands out the most is how this defense attacks the flexbone offense.  I'm working some stuff up now addressing this very topic, so keep your shorts on! 

Also, have had a lot of questions about the 4-3 Scream and Splatter defense.  I'm working on getting things scanned, but don't expect much outta me for either topic prior to Memorial Day...remember, I'm on hiatus baby!

For those finishing up spring ball and starting summer workouts, don't let the grass grow under your feet, now is when championships are made!!!

Eyes on the prize...eyes on the prize...