Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Defending the Flexbone-Coach Hoover's Site

If you are a defensive coach, you've gotta read Coach Hoover's latest blog posts, they are excellent!!!  I like how he breaks things down from the ground (defensive line) up (secondary).  Check out the posts!

Defensive Tackle Play vs. the Flexbone

Defensive End Play vs. the Flexbone

Middle Linebacker Play vs. the Flexbone

Outside Linebacker Play vs. the Flexbone

Safety Play vs. the Flexbone

Cornerback Play vs. the Flexbone

You really need to read this, you couldn't get this much information if you went to 10 clinics!!!!  All written by some excellent defensive minds out there from the Coach Huey Board, affectionately called the "Dream Team" by Coach Hoover (who was I...the ballboy?)! 

I'm going to add to these posts over the next couple of weeks talking about some stunts that you can use out of a 4 man front that can really destroy the triple option QB's confidence.  Please stay tuned, and excellent job Coach Hoover.